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Admittance to the Library

  • A valid a NINS (National Institutes of Natural Sciences) staff ID card or IC card is required to gain access to the Library (24 hours access).
  • The library office is open weekdays 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m except lunchtime, 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.
  • Unexpected changes in the library hours and services will be announced on the website of the Library.
  • A valid a NINS ID card also acts as a library card.
  • A library card is key to the library services and gives borrowing library materials and usage privileges at the NAOJ library.

Circulation policies

Your ID card (A valid NINS ID card ) serves as your library card for borrowing library material(s). Those users without their ID cards should obtain a library card. Please contact library staff.

Borrowing privileges

How many items can I take out and how long can I keep them?

Item limit/Loan period/Renewal limits

  • Books: up to 10 books, one month, one renewal allowed
  • Audio-visual materials: up to 5 items, 1 week, no renewal allowed
Reference materials including journals, rare books, microform materials, etc. do not circulate.

Borrowing procedure/regulations

Your library card (or your ID card) is required (necessary) to borrow/renew library material(s). To check out the matrial(s) complete a checkout procedure at the self service circulation system located on the Library first floor.

Returning materials

Complete a returning procedure at the self service circulation system and place the material in a designated place next to the system. A library card is not required for this procedure.


A library material may be renewed once if it is not overdue and there is no waiting list for item. To renew the material complete a renewal procedure at the self service circulation system. A library card and the material are required for this procedure.


Users can place a hold on an item that is checked out to another user through the NAOJ OPAC (*Click on gReserveh on the search result page.) or by contacting the library. * Registration is required to log in the online NAOJ user service system.


Periodicals (Journals and magazines) are restricted to on-site use only. It means that the materials may not be taken out of the library.

Library Floor Layout / Maps

Floor plan-1st floor
Floor plan-1st floor

Floor plan-2nd floor
Floor plan-2st floor

Classification [PDF]

Inter Library Loan and Document Delivery

The Document Delivery Service delivers copies of journal articles and book chapters from other institution libraries. All affiliated users are eligible for the document delivery service. If the articles are not available at the NAOJ library, the users may place a request online for the service or by contacting the library.

Interlibrary Loan

If the library does not own the item that you wish to borrow, interlibrary loan service will borrow it from other institution libraries.

Before placing an interlibrary loan request, please check the NAOJ OPAC to see if the library owns the material. The NAOJ library accepts all requests in compliance with the rights and restrictions provided by the Copyright Law.

Book Purchase Request

Affiliated users are eligible to submit book purchase requests for the library collection. The requests will be evaluated in support of the education and research needs of NAOJ. The request form (available online / Japanese only) can be found at the library website.

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