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Support for Publication Charges by the Publications Committee

The Publication Committee will subsidize the publication charge of papers written by any NAOJ member, who is either the first author or one of co-authors, accepted by refereed journals. Follow the procedure below.

  1. When your paper is accepted and you need to start processing the cost payment for publication, notify publication committee that you want to be supported with following information:
    - Authors
    - Title of the paper
    - Journal to be published
    - approximate cost for publication
    If your request is accepted, publication committee will notify you the reprint number (PO number).
  2. Fill out application form and send it to and
  3. ApJ(L)(S):
    When you receive the invoice from IOP, forward it to the Procurement Unit ( On the invoice, "National Astronomical Observatory of Japan" should explicitly appear as the affiliation of the recipient. You may designate the Procurement Unit (of the Accounting Group, NAOJ) as the recipient of the invoice.
    If you share payment with other co-authors, notify IOP about that.

    If you receive the invoice from the publisher (OUP), forward it to the procurement section. You may designate the Procurement Unit (of the Accounting Group) as the destination of the invoice in advance.

    Other Journals:
    The payment process depends on the journals/publishers. Consult the Publication Committee.
  4. If you order reprint, the payment will be made after the arrival of the reprints has been confirmed by the Receiving Unit of the Accounting Group (Kenshu Center at Mitaka). Please notify them if you directly receive reprints.
    You need to put stamp of PO number for all reprints, and send two copies to the publication committee.